Nouman Javaid & Jana Malik set to Marry


Nouman Javed is the leading singer and he was married with leading singer, Fariha Pervez. But she got separated from him few months before and there was dispute between these two singers. Nouman was optimistic about his relationship with her and he promised that he would anything for the reconciliation with her. He also said that he would wait for her till his last breath and he also made the suicide attempt but fortunately he was saved.

Now he has forgotten all these things and he decided to get marry with Jana Malik. His parents met with Jana Malik and her family and they made him to meet with her on 10 August and tried to please him on this relationship, which he accepted with the consent of his parents. He said that this is the arranged marriage, which his parents settled for him and he accepted this relationship. He has forgotten Fariha and he picked his life partner in form of Jana Malik. The singer of Dard-e-Tanhai has forgotten his past statements and he settled his marriage with Jana Malik.

This is the second marriage of Nauman Javed and this marriage was taken place in Lahore in which his close friends and family members were invited. He justified his split with Fariha and shared the news she was not ready to listen to him and she also filed a suit against him in the court of law to get the divorce from him. He also said about her that he could not waste his life for a girl, who could not think about him. He said that he has made his decision and he chose Jana Malik as her life partner and now he is coming on his track. He will now complete his music and film projects and he will hope that his life will come on the right track.



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