Mahira Khan Says Saba Qamar Future Super Star


Lahore, Saba Qamar is the leading and popular actress and host of Pakistani television industry. She has also started working in the Pakistani movies. She performed in the new coming movie, ‘Lahore Se Aagey’ in which she proved her abilities. The exhibition of her movie is started in New York, when her movie is being shown in the film festival, being managed in New York, America.

Mahira Khan, the leading and well known Pakistani film actress, who has also performed in the Bollywood movies, she attended the film festival in New York and she also watched the movie, ‘Lahore se Aagey’. She praised the performance of Saba Qamar in the movie and she said that Saba Qamar has great potential of acting and she would be the future super star of Pakistani cinema industry. She said that all artists should appreciate the great work of others.



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