Saturday 26 September 2020

Local Hotel Offers Sunny Leone to Perform Live for 4 Crore Rupees


Sunny Leone is the leading Bollywood actress and she has received the new offer by the local hotel administration to perform in their hotel. They offered from three and half crore to four crore rupees to perform in their hotel live on the item song, ‘Laila O Laila’ of the Bollywood movie, ‘Raees’. The report shows that she got tremendous popularity on her song among her fans and viewers.

As the Xmas is arriving and the Happy New Year is also arriving and the people are celebrating these days so they want to enjoy these day during this month. The hotel gets the advantage of the celebration of the people and they have managed this song before the public live in their hotel, for which they the hotel administration offered the Bollywood actress to perform live in the hotel before the public.



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