Tuesday 07 February 2023

Karan Johar Prefers Fawad Khan Over Ranbir


Karan Johar is the leading filmmaker of Bollywood film industry and he likes Fawad Khan, who is the Pakistani actor. It seems that he is the biggest fan of Fawad Khan across the border. Fawad Khan appeared in the movie, ’Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ of Karan Johar. When it was asked from Karan Johar to choose the best actor from Ranbir Kapoor and Fawad Khan, he said he will surely choose Fawad Khan, because he is the new novelty in the film industry.

Karan Johar gave an interview to media and showed his expressions about Fawad Khan and he selected Fawad Khan as the best actor if he is compared to Ranbir Kapoor. Karan gave his remarks about the Pakistani artists and said that it was not the good solution to India Pakistan relationship that they put ban on Pakistani artists. Some Indian singers and artists gave reverse comments against Karan Jahor on Twitter by showing their favor to the Pakistani artists.



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