Tuesday 07 February 2023

Karan Johar Father of Twin through Surrogacy


Mumbai, Bollywood leading director, Karan Johar passed through the surrogacy process and now he became father of the twins. The Indian media reports say that Indian prominent director wrote a book title, ‘An Unsuitable Boy’ and mentioned the names of the twin children in the book. He wrote that he passed through the surrogacy process and he has one son and a daughter. Karan Johar gave the names to the children with the similarity of his parents. The name of his mother was ‘Heera’ and his father was ‘Yash Johar’. The name of his son is ‘Yash’ and his daughter is ‘Roohi’.

The producer said that he wanted to adopt a child or get the children through surrogacy process. The twins were born in Misrani Hospital in Mumbai, last month. In the registration form, the name of father is mentioned as Karan Johar and the name of mother is not mentioned there. He said that he wanted to have children and he passed through this process to have his children. He said that his children are his life and they are also his first priority.



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