Kangna Says that Family and Bollywood Objected My Performance



London, Indian actress, Kangna Ranaut says that she has shown her good performance in the Indian Bollywood movie and she has developed her own identity in the film industry. She says that when she wants to do any work, then she does not need to get permission from any one. She says that when she entered in the film industry and performed there, then people made fun of her performance but she kept her confidence and she changed herself and reached to present status.

She talked with media during the world conference for women and she also addressed with this conference in London. She further added that her family and in some parts of Bollywood, she faced the criticism for her performance in the movies but she did not take care for this criticism and she continued showing her performance in the movies. She is convinced that the women should not get the permission to work in the movies and they should also not consult with anyone. If they consult with anyone then their purposes are changed.

She gave her example and said that when she stepped out of her home to perform then she faced the criticism and people tried their best to fail her but she upheld her confidence and she tried to perform well for the movie. She said that women had to face different problems during their working in the movies. In the eastern societies, sons have the great privileges and the girls are ignored. Then these girls ignored the values of the society and they wanted to perform in the movies. She further added that the girls should stop this tendency and they should present themselves as role model. She said the women had to face this privileged treatment across the world and they should step out to culminate this tendency & they can get success in their practical life.





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