Jana Malik and Nouman Javed seprated after Divorced


Lahore, The actress Jana Malik got the divorce from her husband, Noman Javed after their mutual consultation and now she submitted the written statement in the union council Qila Gujar Singh with her lawyer.

The sources revealed that notice was issued to Noman Javed from the concerned union council to submit the reply of this notice but he did not come to submit his reply and he sent his father. When Janan Malik was got contacted she said that she got the divorce after their mutual consultation and they did not give any statement against each other. She has good wishes with Noman and as far as the reconciliation is concerned, there is no chance of reconciliation between them. She said that the divorce has been done between the two and the paper work is being carried out and they are waiting to complete this process. She started her artistic activities and she is working on different projects. It is learnt from other side that Noman Javed gave the divorce to her and he signed on the papers of divorce and he is trying for the reconciliation and his close friends are also supporting him for the reconciliation but Jana Malik is not giving the positive response to him.



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