Jamal Shah wishes cast Sonam Kapoor for movie


Pakistani director Jamal Shah has started planning for his second film while his first film “Revenge of the Worthless” is going to release on 29th July 2016.

Jamal Shah says that he will soon start working for his second film that will be made in New York and based on a romantic story. Jamal Shah said during an interview that his next movie is “Phir Khili Anarkali” which is written and directed by Mumtaz Hussain and it will be shot in New York. Shah will be co-producer of this film.

Jamal Shah told that the film is in its initial stages and he wants to cast Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor in this film while he is communicating with her for this purpose. Jamal Shah told about the story of this movie that it is an interest and romantic story in which the era of 16th century along with modern era will be presented.


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