Indian Singer “Monali Thakur” cast in Comedy Film “Mango”

Monali Thakur Pics

Mumbai, the emerging singer and actress, Monali Thakur cast in the comedy movie, ‘Mango’. She is the new actress in Bollywood film industry and she got the popularity from her song, ‘Sanwar Loon’. She has also performed the role of a vulgar girl in the movie, ‘Lakshmi’ and now director, Abbas Tyre Wala cast her in his new comedy movie, ‘Mango’.

She performed a difficult role on the topic of ‘Child Prostitute’ in the movie, ‘Lakshmi’ and she got the best actress award in Washington DC South Asian Film Festival. She told about her role in the movie, ‘Mango’ that she turned from the singing to the acting and Monali Thakur said that she is going to perform the role of new emerging girl, combative, stimulated girl. She is also performing against three actors, who try to get her attraction. In these actors, Rannvijay Singh, Swara Bhaskar, his brother Herman Singh and Chandan Roy Sanyal are included. These three boys are sure that this girl loves each of them.

She performed the role of Child prostitute in the Bollywood movie, ‘Lakshmi’ and this movie was 109 minutes long. Ragesh Kukonore is the director of the movie and senior actor of Bollywood industry, Satesh Koshek is also included in the cast of the movie. In this movie, it has been shown that the human smuggling and the child prostitution is continued in various regions of India. The movie, ‘Lakshmi’ was prepared on the stern facts of child prostitution and this young actress and singer, Monali Thakur has performed the painful young vulgar girl. She said about her role in the movie that she would remember the pain and difficulties to perform the role of a vulgar girl will remain with her. ,


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