Family of Amjad Sabri Feeling Insecure Decide to Leave Pakisan


Karachi, The family of leading and popular qawwal, Amjad Sabri decided to shift to other country as they are feeling insecure in this country. The family matters of Amjad sabri disturbed and his mother is still in deep grief on the death of her son. People say that they are being watched as who come to their homes and when and where they go. They are feeling themselves insecure and they are feeling that it becomes very difficult for them to stay in Pakistan and they decided to shift to other country.

The family of Amjad Sabri informed the rangers and Sindh Police and they will shift to other country as soon as they will get the visa. Amjad has three sons and two daughters and they have to keep their futures in mind. The ex chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary visited his home and he also condoled on the death of Amjad Sabri. He also ensured the family to play his role to remove the insecurity to the family of Amjad Sabri.



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