Saturday 19 September 2020

Bahsir Momin Girl Ushna Shah in “Piya Mann Bhaye”

Ushna Shah Hot Pics

Ushna Shah is the leading and well known actress, which has done the project with the Geo Entertainment, ‘Piya Mann Bhaye’. In this drama serial, Sami Khan is the co-actor and he performed against her. In the first teaser of this drama serial, you can watch her weeping by taking the broken glass in her hands.

This drama serial is written by Asma Sayani and Ali faizan is the director. In other cast of the drama serial, you can see Abdullah Ejaz, Rabab hashim, Manzoor Qureshi, Sajida and Syed Muhammad Ahmed. Talking about the story of the drama serial, writer Sayani said that this is the story of two sisters, who are opposite to each other. She further added that sister is the delicate and decent relation but there is a time when fate forces us to make such decision, which is not in the favour of our loved ones. This is the story of such two sisters, who went on the odd ends of life.

Ushna Shah Hot Pics

Ushna Shah Hot Pics

She has given some more details about this drama serial and said that Ushna Shah has performed the role of a girl, whose name is Haniya and she wants to get hold on the best thing in life. Now the people will see that Sami Khan plays the love interest in the play or Abdullah Ejaz will get the support of her. The people can watch the promo, which will be got on-air after a little while.


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