Tuesday 06 December 2022

Ajab Gul praises modern cinema houses

ajab Gull

Urdu and Pashto films’ actor Ajab Gul says that Pakistani film industry achieved important success due to modern cinema houses. People want to view films in good atmosphere. Due to this reason, thise who left cinemas are returning to them for a better entertainment and atmosphere.

Ajab Gul said in an interview that the role of Pashto films in the success of films is most important at that time. They need good cinema houses to improve this. He will try that new and modern cinema houses could be established on Peshawar so that they can also improve standard of their films.

Ajab Gul said that new cinema houses like in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad are also important for Peshawar according to the demand of modern era. It is because most of the films in Peshawar are made according to the modern technology and digital sound system and most of the films these days are made in Pashto language.


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