5 reasons why Yo Yo Honey Singh’s One Bottle Down is a rehash of Char Bottle Vodka!

Yo Yo Honey Singh One Bottle Down

Honey Singh’s latest single is out. But it isn’t something that you haven’t heard of before! Read on to find out what am trying to say…

Numbers of Yo Yo Honey Singh are instant char busters and regarding that there are no 2nd thoughts. He has lately released his new single; One Bottle Down which is again contains a signature Yo Yo style. Its beats are pleasing as its lyrics. However beside from the attractive tunes, his monotony is dissatisfied in this one. His One Bottle Down has nothing new to offer. Indeed the Char Bottle Vodka from Ragini MMS2 or One Bottle Down appears to very likely. So in below its given why I think so:

4 to 1 bottle down?

His Char Bottle Vodka has got fans from a 5-5- year olds. He made is mind to hit back along with One Bottle Down. However he could have made it much better than this, at least about the title of the track.

Alcohol obsession

He is recognized arrogant regarding his drinking stories in almost his numbers. We can list down more proving his fascination with alcohol such as Char Bottle Vodka from Ragini MMS2, Alcoholic from The Shaukeens. And, now One bottle Vodka is no different. Honey Singh proud to be an alcoholic, and in this song he mentions, “I’m one bottle down, peelo mere saath mein.” Interested?

I can’t drink without hot chicks!

In Char Bottle Vodka it had blistering Sunny Leone shaking her booty and in this one we have got team of women displaying the same. He cannot do two things without in his music videos, booz and hot chicks, saleable chartbuster mantras!

Same director who directed Char Bottle

One Bottle Down is brought by the same team who made the Char Bottle Vodka. Therefore it contains all the aspects we watched in Sunny Leone track, right from the beats to the sexy appeal.

Yo Yo rap

Char Bottle contains kickass rap verses, and in One Bottle Vodka the rap is comes much later. for about half a minutes it hits towards the end. I expected, he should rap for longer.

So listen to the both songs in below and give your comments whether you agree with the above points or not.


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